Inward Office Instructor

Marla Pelletier

Owner of Inward Office Yoga, formerly known as Devi Yoga. Received her certification at the 200 hour level at Yoga India in Mysore, India. Has had over 1000 hours of teaching experience since 2006. In January 2009, Marla trained with Amy Weintraub and became a certified LifeForce Yoga teacher, a style of yoga therapy to empower individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. In 2011 Marla was trained in teaching Yoga for Osteoporosis. In 2013 she was certified in the Satyananda style of Yoga Nidra (guided meditation). Also has a certification in teaching mindfulness techniques to Veterans. Marla believes that it is our desire to return back to our natural state of health and Yoga can help guide us there by getting us more in tune with our bodies and centered in the present moment. Developing mindfulness and remaining the calm amidst the storm are skills she practices daily in her interactions in the community as well as on the mat.

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