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Gentle neck stretches as well as closing the eyes can refresh the upper body after long hours at a computer. Our classes also focus on shoulders, chest and upper back in our Yoga for Computer Users class


We create fully customizable programs for your unique workplace. Being a small company, we work one on one with wellness representatives to better understand the goals of the management as well as what the individual employees want and need to stay healthy at work. We consider working conditions (are employees on their feet all day or at a desk), length of breaks (is there 30 minutes or 1 hour for lunch), and your company culture and services. The list of classes below are ones that have worked in the past for our clients but we are always creating new classes based on your needs.

We know that many employees take on their role as a wellness leader as an additional responsibility. That is why we have office staff to help with the administrative duties of running a thriving wellness program. We make arrangements with teachers, create follow up surveys, create flyers and other marketing material for every one of your Inward Office class locations.

We believe that Yoga is the best method of bringing wellness to work. It is highly transportable, affects mental and physical health and requires little equipment and little sweat.  Simple and modifiable poses can suit any body type and physical limitation. The techniques practiced in yoga are thousands of years old and have found use in hundreds of cultures. For example…

  • In the workplace Yoga has been proven to be more helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome than a wrist splint. Also, the MELT Method alleviates pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • It is proven to be a faster mode of rehabilitation for back injuries and back pain than traditional exercise because yoga postures both align and strengthen the back. Also proper deep breathing can affect change in the lower back.
  • Yoga can relieve eye and neck strain common to computer usage.

Don’t delay; try out this valuable program in your conference room, lobby or gym.  Programs can be in the morning before work to help your concentration and energize the body.  They can be during lunch for a stress relieving break, or after work to help you wind down and relax the body.

Harvard Business Review cited a $3 savings for every $1 spent on wellness programming. found an 11:1 return on investment with their clients. Savings come from decreased cost of absenteeism, decreased health care costs and increased focus. Read more about this return on investment.

All our yoga teachers are insured!

Sample classes:

  • Yoga for Mood Management
  • Active yoga for intermediate practitioners
  • Gentle yoga
  • Yoga Fundamentals – See a sample of Sandra’s class
  • Zumba
  • Lower back focused Hatha Yoga class
  • Body Toning 20 minute class - See Jen teach here
  • ….and other fitness classes available

Classes that can be done at a conference room table:

  • Meditation class
  • Yoga Nidra, the art of relaxation
  • Shoulder & upper back focused Hatha Yoga class
  • Chair Yoga
  • MELT Method - rolling small balls along the hands and feet to rehydrate tissues, as featured on the Dr. Oz Show
  • Mindfulness to overcome addiction
  • Mindfulness and Yoga

All equipment is provided.  Call Marla at 585-905-1188 or fill out the contact form to get a brochure and set up an intro session!


Mindfulness and meditation have proven to be effective for improving the ability to manage stress, chronic illness, as well as mental illness like anxiety and depression.

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