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I want on-site fitness!

Inward Office Yoga is a small company, working one-on-one with wellness representatives to better understand the goals of the management as well as what the individual employees want and need to stay healthy at work. We consider the work environment, length of breaks, and your company culture. These will be considered during our first on-site consultation.

We are a full-service “studio” that can handle booking the classes, arranging the space on-site, managing teacher schedules, marketing, class registration, liability waivers, and follow up satisfaction surveys.



The first step is a personal meeting where we discuss the needs of the employees, the goals of the programming, the space, and what Inward Office can provide to support everyone’s goals. We are a flexible company that truly wants your program to succeed. We have a network of wellness professionals to create a program everyone enjoys.

When you get in contact we will send you the top myths of starting up a yoga program at your workplace. This comes from years of experience teaching in offices as well as speaking with the general public about their concerns in attending a yoga class.

We will share with you our biggest hurdles in getting a program started & this can give you a great head start in what infrastructure you need to have a successful wellness program. This comes from years of working with large and small companies in the Rochester, NY area as well as metro Washington, D.C.

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Why Yoga?

Yoga is easily transported to your workplace, can manage mental and physical health, and can be done without getting sweaty. All poses can be modified allowing everyone to enjoy in the same practice.

Try the MELT Method

We are the only on-site fitness studio offering the innovate MELT Method that alleviates pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other class offerings

We also offer other fitness classes like Body Tone, Zumba, Pilates, Reflexology & Yoga, and more! This allows you to expand your programming effortlessly.

Do you know what proprioception means?