Rochester Regional Health System Yoga & Fitness Classes

register online

This takes you to an external registration site. If you have participated in classes & signed up online before you will recognize it.

Register by Mail

No need to sign up online. Print the Registration form 2014 and mail with payment to Inward Office Yoga, PO Box 654, Fairport, NY 14450. 

For class descriptions click here or call us at 905-1188.


Rochester Regional Health System fitness class policies

Only Unity Health employees are allowed to attend classes, no family or general community members, at any of the class locations. Employees may register for any number of classes at the different Unity Health System locations.

You must pay for class and have your electronic waiver submitted before class begins. The $20 fee is a registration fee per class is mandatory to complete registration. Registration may be done by mail using the form or by our online registration system. If you have problems registering please call Marla at 585-905-1188 and we are happy to walk you through the process. Office hours are generally Tuesday-Thursday 9am-4pm at which time phone calls and emails will be returned.

 Directions to register for on-site Inward Office classes

(1) Visit:

(2)  Click on the tab: Rochester Regional Health System. Scroll down to find the class you would like to register for and verify the dates are correct starting for the upcoming month. Click “Sign Up Now.”

(3)  Choose “Been here before” or “New to our site.” You do not have to sign in using Facebook although it is an option. If you have participated in fitness classes at Unity before and you choose “New to our site,” your name will pop up. Choose your name from the list of individuals who come up. After clicking on “This is me” the system will confirm your email address. Use the e-mail address you have used to sign up for classes in the past. If not, create a new account using an email address that you check frequently. If you are not new to the site you may simply put in your username and password.

(4)  Verify all information is correct on the “Make a Reservation” page. Any notes you put in the box will be sent to the Inward Office team and the teacher. Click “Enroll.”

(5) Then it will take you to a screen where you must choose “RRHS 8 weeks of Fitness Classes.” The cost is $20 for the whole session of classes. If it is a 6 week or 7 week session the price may be different (approximately $15). For 20 minute Energy Enhancer classes you may have to check out with a $0.00 total. It is not necessary to enroll for Energy Enhancers as they are drop in classes, but when you enroll both Unity Health System and Inward Office Yoga know there is someone who is interested in attending every week.

(6) Check out and Place your order and you will receive a confirmation email.

**Please note: If you do NOT receive an ENROLLMENT CONFIRMATION in your email inbox from “Inward Office Yoga” you are NOT registered for class.**


To Cancel a Registration

(1) If you are paid and seeking a refund you must cancel your registration before the first day of class. Refunds will be given, minus a $1 (or 5%) fee. This fee does not apply if your class is conditionally registered/if a minimum number needs to be reached for class to run.

(2) E-mail to cancel. You are cancelled out of class when you receive a confirmation that you are cancelled out of class.


Click Here to Contact Inward Office Yoga

Click Here to Contact Inward Office Yoga