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A few things to remember:seated yoga pose (most of this info is contained in your confirmation email after registering for class)

- It is required that you pre-register for your class, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. In some cases there is a payment associated with your class. If there is a payment, in most cases no refund is given after the start date of class. In special circumstances a credit toward future classes can be given.

- If you want to deepen your practice, learn new poses, and make your Yoga class fit your needs, it is important that you stay with the same Yoga teacher and have patience. It is over the long term that the Yoga instructor gets to know you and help you to deepen your practice.

- Even if you are feeling like you are unable to make it to class one day, often that is exactly the time that you  need to come to class–to get some mental and physical relaxation returning to your work refreshed with more patience and focus. Short amounts of stress are healthy for the body, but prolonged (more than a few minutes) of stress can decrease physical and mental health. Taking a break to make it to class can increase your performance at work and your resiliency in dealing with future stress.

- We supply mats and straps. For most classes this will be enough but it’s possible that attendance will exceed the number of supplies provided. Please get to class early to ensure a good spot and you get the supplies you need.

- Please wear comfortable work out clothes that allow the skin to breathe and body to move.

- Please bring your physical limitations to the attention of the teacher. Because all of our instructors have extensive training in Yoga they usually can give you an alternate pose to one that is contra-indicated for your body.

- Every pose is adaptable and no pose should cause bad pain (pain in a joint rather than the belly of the muscle) so ask the instructor for adaptations. We can even accommodate poses in a chair!

- Please do not refresh perfume or wear strong scents in class.

- Please do not eat anything for 2 hours before class or drink much in the 30 minutes preceding class.

-Always let the teacher know about your physical condition or any physical limitations that alter your ability to participate fully in class.

- Please try to be prompt and come to every class, but if you can’t we understand! Come for whatever time you can! Every minute of yoga helps. If you come late or leave early please be aware of others’ practices and set up to the side or back of class.

- Drink lots of water and have some protein after class

- Don’t forget to sign in each day.

- We love helping individuals take their Yoga practice home; tell us how we can facilitate your home practice!

- This is YOUR class so if you have a suggestion or special need let either your teacher, Inward Office, or your company’s wellness leader know!