The benefits of Downward Facing Dog for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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What are the factors that make the workplace eligible for this program?

Any company where at least 10 employees would be interested in taking classes is an appropriate size. We can hold classes in any conference room with the furniture pushed to the side.  Any extra room or gym would also suffice.  During on-site visits by Inward Office, we evaluate the space for suitability.  In rare cases, it is also possible to organize special arrangements at a yoga studio.

How does yoga help to reduce stress?

Movements are slow, low impact, and over time increase in intensity.  They facilitate a calm mind as our focus will be on the breath, the present moment, and creating awareness of the body.  We teach acceptance of the body’s limitations and the boundaries encountered in life.  We help individuals let go of what they cannot change, which may correspond to their body or their life outside of their yoga practice.  Simply choosing to accept and not judge the self can release a lot of stress.  Also, by freeing our mind of the things we cannot affect, we are able to focus in on the things we are able to improve!

How much would it cost for a weekly yoga class for 10 or more people?

Please call Marla at 585-905-1188 for a quote.  Each of our sessions run 8-12 weeks long; each weekly class usually costs less than $10 per student.  You will find classes are almost always less expensive than visiting a yoga studio, even if the student is paying themselves for class.  Our classes can be paid by the employer, and we usually suggest employees pay a small amount–like a co-pay–which we’ve found to increase participation.  Even if the class is entirely employee paid, it still ends up being more convenient and cost-effective for the participants than a regular studio!

What companies currently hold workplace yoga classes?

Across the country Lexmark, IBM, Intel, United, GE, Microsoft, HBO, Nike, AT&T, Apple, Bristol-Myers, US Marines, and Pepsico hold classes. Many sports teams like the NY Giants use yoga for increasing flexibility, cooling down, and increasing endurance. Our own clients often win healthy workplace awards through local Business Journals and national organizations like the American Heart Association. Ask us for a reference from our local clients!

What’s the benefit of doing yoga at work? My gym offers yoga.

Often the hardest part of beginning a new class or activity is fitting into our busy schedules and remembering to keep practicing.  With classes brought right into the workplace, yoga is accessible to you. All equipment is provided.  Also you will learn how certain postures are applicable to the kind of work that you do all day.  In our classes, you will receive personal attention from the teacher and the teacher will correct you if they see you doing something dangerous or out of alignment.  We’ve found this also becomes a fun activity to share with co-workers!

What are the time options available?

Anytime is possible: before work, during lunch hours, or after work.  Give us a call (585-905-1188) or e-mail us to try out a class at a time that’s convenient for you! marla@inwardoffice.com

Do we need to sign up for a minimum amount of classes?

Yes.  We ask for a commitment of at least 8 classes to understand the benefits of yoga in and outside the classroom.  Most of our new clients find a quarterly session (12 weeks) is most appropriate for their work cycles.  Additionally, yoga is most effective when practiced regularly and can directly affect health problems when practiced over the long term.

Can I wear my work clothes or do I have to change?

Loose fitting clothing will always be more comfortable in a yoga class, but there are many postures that you can do in regular work clothes.  This decision can be made in conjunction with the participants when classes begin.  Even if you forget a change of clothes, the benefits of yoga go beyond the physical postures.  Often the words that the instructors use can help heal the emotional body.  Furthermore the break in the day to sit, observe and be present is a great practice in developing mindfulness.

Do I need to be flexible to start?

Not at all!! That is like asking if you need to know how to play piano before piano lessons begin. Every posture integrates stretch and strength. They can be modified for any body type.  We will release stiffness in the joints that limit flexibility.  And we will as the central area of focus as it supports movement through the whole body.

What kind of equipment is necessary?

Only a mat and loose clothing.  Inward Office provides mats and, if necessary, straps and blocks.  If you would like to purchase your own equipment, please inquire with the instructor about our trusted products and the discount arrangements that our company has arranged with suppliers.

How do we know that this program is beneficial for employees?

We keep the dialogue open.  Our instructors are always available before and after class to address the specific needs and concerns of the students.  Please visit our Testimonials page to see what others have gained from the practice of yoga.

If we need to cancel the yoga classes, how many day’s notice do we need to give you?

The cancellation policy is discussed in the Service Agreement.

How is yoga different from exercise at a gym?

With no equipment necessary it is easy to do yoga anywhere.  Yoga includes meditation, breathing techniques, relaxation, non-violence, and many philosophical ways to live life that are not merely physically challenging.  Depending on the kind of class scheduled, your heart rate may not increase dramatically, making yoga a great practice for people who suffer from heart problems.  Yet it still efficiently delivers oxygen throughout the body’s muscles and tissues with a focus on deep diaphragm breathing.  It is low-impact so any body type can do it and it is a rehabilitating exercise for people with health problems.  It increases flexibility, endurance, strength and tones and lengthens muscles.

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