Today’s news feed!

Today’s news feed!

Yoga Boosts Memory and Focus more than Exercise!

I believe one of the central concepts of practicing yoga is mindfulness and focus in the present moment. If I stretch mindlessly, it is not yoga. If I breathe mindfully, it is yoga. Presence, to me, is yoga. Therefore my practice can extend far beyond the mat: into my evening commute, into moments of play with my dog, into laughs shared with family, into a mindful lunch. A side effect of practicing yoga, this article suggests is neuroplasticity, the ability for your brain to create new neural pathways.

Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity

Mindfulness isn’t just about presence. This article suggests that we can choose our response to situations, rather than react. Everything we choose to put into our lives effects our brains. We have control over how we feel in any situation. For instance, if we work with a certain person we are immediately more tense. Imagine changing that pattern to decide to feel empathy, safety, and peace instead. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help have more patience in stressful circumstances.


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